Dr Vranjes Lamparfum (Amber)
Dr Vranjes Lamparfum (Amber)

Dr Vranjes Lamparfum (Amber)

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The timeless elegance of the amber glass catalytic lamp by Dr. Vranjes Firenze not only adds a touch of contemporary design to any environment, but also allows you to eliminate odours and scent spaces quickly.

The lamp combines an air purification/fragrance system.

 * Lamparfum refills can be purchased separately. 


The Lamparfum collection by Dr. Vranjes Firenze is designed to decorate and scent the environment quickly (between 20 and 60 minutes) while eliminating unwanted odors.

Its catalytic function can be paired with the diffuser, which fragrances the environment more slowly and for extended periods.

The contemporary and distinctive design has the octagonal shape typical of the creations of Dr. Vranjes Firenze and was inspired by the octagonal base of the Duomo of Florence.